It is over one year since the time I saw the film “Up”, a Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) movie from the association between Disney and PIXAR, but I still can feel exactly the same feelings that I had this day. The film guides its audiences to a heart-touching story about love, hope, and struggles inside each individual to achieve the ultimate goal.

Image from Flickr user jdxyw - 4860504888

The story begins with the fortuitous meeting between Carl, a quiet little boy, and an energetic girl named Ellie who has the common interest with him in becoming an explorer just like the famous Charles F. Muntz. Ellie has a desire to have a house that overlooks Paradise Falls in South America. They then wed and live in the house where they first met. One day, when they find they cannot have a child, they decide to save money to have a trip to Paradise Falls, but, for many reasons, they are unable to make it till the day Ellie dies. Living alone in an old house in a developing city and being forced to move, old Carl decides to keep his promise to Ellie by using thousands of balloons to make his house “fly”. Accidentally, he takes a little boy called Russell who is trying to get his final merit badge for “Assisting the Elderly” from Carl, with him to Paradise Falls, where he gets more troubles than he expected. Walking with the floating house to the falls, they meet a beautiful and rarely-seen bird, Kevin, and a dog that can speak, Dug. Subsequently, they discover that Charles Muntz is living near and trying to catch Kevin for his fame. However, Carl only wants to keep his promise by bringing the house, partly burnt by Muntz before, to the falls, leaving Russell and Kevin. But when he eventually reaches the falls, he finds a diary of Ellie in which she thanked him for her greatest adventure of marriage to him. Carl and Russell then help Kevin to escape from Muntz back to her chicks. After returning to the city, Carl goes to Russell’s Senior Explorer ceremony  and presents him with the final badge, the one that Ellie gave him the day they met.

Many films by PIXAR have proven that they always know how to make a good CGI film with simple and lovely lines of drawing. Apart from these features, “Up” is also a touching story of love. In a world where people seem to do everything to meet their objective, the story about a man who tries to keep his promise to his beloved as well as keep his companions safe is really emotive. Great plot and lovely imageries accompanied by suitable soundtracks make the film one of the best films voted by Internet users (Internet Movie Database).